Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipali


Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality issued a 
document on Feb. 22th, 2013 about as the supporting media of 2013 the 2rd Shenzhen International hospitality equipment & supplies fair, agreeing to become a support unit of 2013HOSFAIR Shenzhen
   It was reported that the 2rd Shenzhen International hospitality equipment &supplies will be held in Shenzhen International exhibition canter during December 6---8, 2013. The fair is hosted by Asia Pacific hotel supplies association, GHM Hotel General Manager Association, China Western Food Culture Association, Specialty Coffee Association of China, Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Shezhen Zhongzhan Exhibition Co,Ltd, China council for the promotion of investment in emerging industry research institute, otherwise, The federation of small and medium-sized enterprises, China hotel purchasing report hotel today and Asia Pacific hotel supplies network have cooperated with HOSFAIR as cooperate medias. Organizers and co-organizers together with exhibitors, visitors concerted efforts to expand HOSFAIR Shzenzhen year by year. They try their best to make contribution to the exhibition industry and economy.
     2012 the Shenzhen HOAFAIR ended successfully under the praises of exhibitors and visitors. It opened up heavy curtain of Shenzhen HOSFAIR. The scale and influence of 2013 the 2rd Shenzhen HSOFAIR. Is becoming larger and larger, it will attract more and more exhibitors and visitors to the fair. It has become a common sense of developing causes by exhibitors.
It is not only a friendly bridge, but also a trade link for exhibitors and visitors to develop through 2013HOSFAIR Shenzhen. Taking part in the HSOFAIR will help gain business opportunities.
2013HOSFAIR Shenzhen is another big fair after HOSFAIR Guangzhou and HOSFAIR Xi’an, it will share together of purchasers and related resources of HOSFAIR Guangzhou and Xi’an. It builds up a solid platform for HOSFAIR Shenzhen. At the same time, HOSFAIR Shenzhen will give full play to its advantages, devote greater effort to invite visitors from HK, Macau Taiwan and overseas in order to make HOSFAIR to help itself becoming the highest cost performance in China, put forwards to interact with three fairs and develop together. Forming a new situation while bring considerable economy and society effect..
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