WanZhen expands 21 times in HOSFAIR


Look for business opportunities, expand the channels, concentrate on development is a must for enterprises to grow up. A good promotional tool can get twofold results with half the effort. Foshan WanZhen Furniture is a rising star in hospitality industry. Its alarming growth and good reputation win consistent identity and praise.
WanZhen Furniture Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of induction hot-pot tables and various automatic tables. With the introduction of Germany and Hong Kong manufacturing process, their designs meet the tastes of Chinese consumers, and are very popular in the market.
In 2007, WanZhen participated in HOSFAIR for the first time with only one stand. They received unexpected effect and dozens of orders on the show. In the following years, they expand their stands time after time. Until the 8th HOSFAIR, WanZhen had enlarged to a stand of 108 sqm. According to the latest new from HOSFAIR, WanZhen has signed in with a stand of 189 square meters, which is 21 times larger than that in their first participation.
Many companies is growing up with HOSFAIR as WanZhen and seeking a good platform to outreach in hotel industry. HOSFAIR Guangzhou is the right platform to look for potential business opportunities. Welcome to WanZhen stand.
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