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2013 the 11th Guangzhou International Hospitality equipment &supplies fair which organized by Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition company and Shenzhen Zhongzhan Exhibition company was held successfully. The exhibiting area reached 60 thousands meters. The 10 areas owns 3 thousands booths in the fair which included hotels, restaurants, catering and entertainment equipments and supplies enterprises. Exhibitors were come from more than 10000 famous hotels supplies enterprises, more than 200 thousands items on display which will provide an one-stop stage for purchasers and agents.
 The three days exhibition has attracted 61,088 visitors from 70+ countries all over the world. The summary and commendation meeting has just finished that according to 2013 HOSFAIR Guangzhou on July. 6th 2013
Most of exhibitors expressed their praise and are willing to participate in the fair next year.
The meeting was directed by the general manager. Every colleague of the company shared their experience during the fair. Content can be concluded as below:
Before the fair:
1. Try one's best to learn about and broaden knowledge of the exhibition industry, to update the knowledge structure.
2. To build up a perfect data base, collect more resources.
3. Strengthen advertisement of marketing, improve popularity of the fair.
During the fair:
1. Strengthen communication with customers during the installation, help solving problems not only can realize drawbacks of ourselves, but also good for gaining trust by customers so that to build up a long term cooperation relationship.
2. Pay attention to the service thus to build up s solid basis with customers.
3. To set up an effective guide card to make customers feel comfortable.
4. To develop new customers and send leaflets during the fair, get ready for the next exhibition.
Through going to Guangzhou HOSFAIR that hosted by ourselves, it can widen our eyesight, increase the knowledge and strengthen our confidence, it is a precious experience of Shenzhen HOSFAIR in October.
Prizes finally:
1. Through democratic election, Lin Junyin gained the Good Employees prize.
2. Awarded the outstanding achievement prizes.
It is said that good performance is based on hard efforts .Zhongzhan company awarded the hard-working staff and encouraged them to set up a higher goal. Hereby, the company expressed their grateful and wishes to the staff, also encourage them to challenge themselves and achieve higher performance.
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