???Shenzhen HOSFAIR gained 2012 Shenzhen innovation exhibition rew

???Shenzhen HOSFAIR gained 2012 Shenzhen innovation exhibition rew

As time flies, how is the exhibition industry in Shenzhen? Let's have a check.
Which exhibition is expanding while some are downsizing? What important problems need to be solved?
There for, Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper and Shenzhen Commercial daily together with newspaper group in Shenzhen held the annul selection activities about the exhibition industry on Dec. 28th, 2012. The activity had selected the industry benchmarking.
The activity and experts in the industry together with local media had a comprehensive, multi-channel reservation and research, they rewarded the out-standing exhibition, also be grateful to their contribution to the industry. They finally appraised all the awards.
Shenzhen International hotel equipment and supplies that organized by Guangzhou Huazhan Exhibition Company and Shenzhen Huazhan Exhibition Company gained innovative reward.
HOSFAIR Shenzhen 2012 is another big project of HOSFAIR, it plays an important role on achieving the goal of sharing visitors and advertisement together among three fairs. After 17 years' hard work, the organizer will stick to making progress trying their best to make a good exhibition, thus to put forward for the developing of the hotel industry.
It is said that HOSFAIR has plenty of visitors and with good effect. The 2nd Shenzhen hotel supplies fair will be held in the Shenzhen Exhibition Center on 14-16, Oct. 2013. The fair is held every year and HOSFAIR 2013 will be better than before.

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